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Data stored in a visitor cookie
date_add The date and time the cookie was created (in format YYYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS).
id_language The ID of the selected language.
id_currency The ID of the selected currency.
last_category_visited The ID of the last visited category of product listings.
ajax_blockcart_display Whether the cart block is "expanded" or "collapsed".
viewed The IDs of recently viewed products as a comma-separated list.
wishlist_id The ID of the current wishlist displayed in the wishlist block.
checkedTOS Whether the "Terms of Service" checkbox has been checked (1 if yes and 0 if no).
guest_id The guest ID of the visitor when not logged in.
id_connections The connection ID of the visitor's current session.
customer_id The customer ID of the visitor when logged in.
customer_last_name The customer's last name.
customer_first_name The customer's first name.
registered If the client is logged in.
password The MD5 hash of the _COOKIE_KEY_ login config/ and the password that the customer used to log in.
email The email address the customer used to log in.
cart_id The ID of the current cart displayed in the cart block.
checksum The Blowfish checksum used to determine if the cookie has been modified by a third party.
The customer will be logged out and the cookie will be deleted if the checksum does not match.